Thunderrealm Island appears on no maps. While its coves may be deep and its peaks forbidding, to all who arrive here it appears to be a scenic and tranquil place, undisturbed by the flow of civilisation. Beneath the sands, Thunderrealm Island is coming to life, and you are one of the visitors riding upon its back.

Hailing from one of eight nations, you have wound up shipwrecked upon Thunderrealm Island’s shores. Alone at first, or stranded with few survivors, you have found that there are more of your kind here than you first thought. Exploration leads you to mystical ruins, monstrous enemies and unusual landmarks.

Banding together into guilds, it is up to you to discover what the island’s purpose is. Where is Thunderrealm Island? Who is it that is shipwrecked here? Why does the island bring its inhabitants back to life?

Recent News

Thunderealm Island: Heartwood Peak

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April 30th Patch Notes

The April 30th patch adds Racial Abilities to the game, and fixes a long-standing issue with the ocean.


April 25th Patch Notes

The April 25th patch includes some balance fixes to abilities, and some long-requested UI changes.


April 4th Patch Notes

The April 4th patch includes some changes to Guild mechanics.