The April 4th patch includes some changes to Guild mechanics.


The minimum requirement has been lowered to 4 from 6. The maximum remains at 6 – most content will be balanced for a guild of 6 characters.

Guilds are no longer required to consist of characters that share a race. Because of this, Guild Abilities have been adjusted as outlined below.

Guild Abilities

Guild Abilities have been renamed Racial Guild Abilities to more clearly emphasize that they are tied to a character’s race, not which guild they are in.

We have also lowered the cap on the number of characters required to activate thse abilities from 6 to 4 to lessen the penalty on guilds that don’t consist of a single race.

Pointy Finger

The animation on Pointy Finger has been fixed; your character will now actually point their finger at the target instead of directly ahead.

Class Progression

We are rolling out a new class progression system to allow players to customise their characters’ abilities. Keep an eye on this space for more news.