Eight races adventure across Thunderrealm Island; the advanced Cyberpunk Orks, the hot-headed Flamekin Gunslingers, the clammy Merfolk Mafia, the stalwart Panda Samurai, the creeping Plantperson Ninja, the holy Robot Clerics, the adventurous Vampire Pirates, and the polite Victorian Werewolves.

Each race has two abilities; a Minor Racial Ability that all characters of that race gain acess to, and a Racial Guild Ability. These are powerful abilities that require four or more characters of the same race (and guild!) in order to activate. For example, a guild consisting of 4 Plantperson Ninja and 2 Cyberpunk Orks could activate Photosynthesis but not Daze Est Makkina. A guild consisting of 3 members of one race and 3 of another cannot use any racial guild abilities.

Exception: If a guild consists of six different races, they gain access to the ability United as One!.

United As One!

If the guild interacts with a Questgiver who is of the same race as a member of the guild, any restriction on the number of times this quest can be attempted during the encounter are lifted. In order to activate this ability, the guild must undertake a ritual showing their unity. The ritual should last one minute, but may otherwise take any form. This ability may be used once during a game session.

The Cyberpunk Orks are a technologically-advanced group, whose excellence in cybernetics and computing stems from their nation's highly-developed defenses. They are fond of grand displays of both power and generosity, and seek to leave their mark on anything they discover. They work hard to improve their technological capabilities by borrowing from other nations, but nobody can match their technobabble.

Most Cyberpunk Orks on Thunderrealm Island hail from Makkina, a heavily-fortified land in the northern reaches of the globe, and a destination for those seeking the buzz of a metropolis, as well as a few illicit pleasures. Makkina is noted for its mining operations and technological prowess, as well as its underground supply chain of distilleries. If a nation uses nanotechnology, satellites, or has a bar hidden behind two password-operated doors, then that nation has almost certainly been trading with Makkina.

Minor Racial Ability: Optimized Subroutines

Cyberpunk Orks have the innate ability to understand and utilise technology. Some places on Thunderrealm Island have lost electronic technologies that Cyberpunk Orks can immediately grasp details about, without needing ten minutes to investigate or the abilities of a Scholar.

Racial Guild Ability: Daze Est Makkina

Once during a game session, a Cyberpunk Ork guild can perform a minute-long ritual that allows members of the guild to share abilities through their cyber-enhancements. Members of the guild split into pairs, and each pair receives a shared ability pool. The pool contains one use of any class abilities available to a member of the pair (Scholar’s Insight, Rogue’s Feet, Healer’s Grace, Tank’s Resolve, Mage’s Armour, and Diplomat’s Chops). A use of an ability in the pool may be ‘consumed’ by any member of the pair. At the end of the encounter, the pool and any unused abilities in it disappear. If a guild has an odd number of members, the extra member joins a pair.

Cyberpunk Ork

Flamekin Gunslinger

A crack of thunder and a whiff of brimstone are often the last things an outlaw notices on Thunderrealm Island. Flamekin Gunslingers are skilled with all firearms, and love nothing more than a thrilling duel, often at high noon. They tend to live in small, self-sustaining communities, and often suspect the worst intentions of others. That suspicion is soon forgotten when someone needs help, though, no matter their race.

Most Flamekin Gunslingers on Thunderrealm Island were born from the elemental fires of Mount Ahiwera, where the Flame Queen makes her court. With the naturally occuring sulphur and extensive mineral deposits within the mountain, there is a roaring export trade of gunpowder, iron, and adventurers with itchy trigger fingers. Acquiring exports from Mount Ahiwera is often taxing, though, so many Flamekin Gunslingers act as couriers, delighting in collecting stories of the strange customs they've encountered.

Minor Racial Ability: Fires of Industry

Flamekin Gunslingers have abilities that allow them to run forges with higher efficiency. Not only can Flamekin Gunslingers craft weapons and armour at a forge in ten minutes rather than twenty, but multiple Flamekin Gunslingers can use a single forge at one time.

Racial Guild Ability: Crown of Flames

Once during a game session, a Flamekin Gunslinger guild can perform a ritual that empowers their inner furnaces. For the first three rounds of the next combat they are involved in, when they are targeted with an attack, they take half the damage (rounded up), and deliver an equal amount of damage to their attacker, as flames pour from the Flamekin Gunslinger’s skin. Non-Flamekin Gunslingers in the guild are also granted this effect, which may be a little alarming.

The slippery and cold-blooded Merfolk Mafia have made their guild halls in the shallow bays and treacherous waterways of Thunderrealm Island. Some have such a keen sense for profit that they charge tolls to cross rivers here, but even the most hardened Merfolk Mafioso dares not brave the salty depths of the ocean that surrounds Thunderrealm Island. After all, there are discoveries to be made here first.

The Merfolk Mafia originally hailed from Merfopolis, the Gleaming Pearl of the Trackless Deeps. The armour and jewelry made in Merfopolis are highly coveted, and scholars from across the globe are still discovering new uses for the plants that grow beneath the waves. With a monopoly over the sea trade routes, the Merfolk made a mint from guarding merchant ships during their voyages. If anyone ever asks what they're guarding the ships from, the Merfolk just point to the gathering clouds on the horizon.

Minor Racial Ability: Literally a Fish

Merfolk Mafia have gills that allow them to breathe underwater. While other races can hold their breath for a number of minutes equal to their Hit Points, a Merfolk Mafioso adds two minutes to this total. Furthermore, if a Merfolk Mafioso runs out of breath, they respawn with their guild, rather than at a random place on Thunderrealm Island.

Racial Guild Ability: Favor of the Schoolmaster

Once during a game session, a Merfolk Mafioso guild can perform a dark and energetic ritual that lasts one minute, calling upon the powers of the deep. As part of the ritual, each member of the guild can choose to destroy an item within their inventory. Each player character that does this can choose one use of an ability effect (such as persuasion) or attack effect (such as damage or knockback) to ignore before the end of the game session.

Merfolk Mafioso

Panda Samurai

The Panda Samurai are honourable warriors that follow a strict code. They are fearsome in battle (though never reckless) and are regarded as capable diplomats and artists. Many Panda Samurai will turn to violence only as a last resort, focusing on the honing of their spiritual side. It is not uncommon for a a masterless Panda Samurai, known as a ronin, to sign up with a guild of a different race.

The Panda Samurai live and work in the nation of Kumado. Their towns are often cloistered, at the tops of mountains or in the depths of forests, and are very rarely visited by other races. It is quite uncommon for Panda Samurai to leave Kumado for long periods of time, but those who have met them can vouch for their good (although sometimes coarse) humour, their discipline in combat, and their civic-mindedness. Their desire to leave things as they were found is one reason why Kumado has lasted for so long.

Racial Minor Ability: Dance of the Bamboo Blades

dd Panda Samurai are adept at maintaining the balance of nature, and their ability to harvest ingredients is enhanced as a result. If a Panda Samurai harvests an ingredient that no member of their guild currently has in their inventory, they receive two of the ingredient.

Racial Guild Ability: Kiai

Once during a game session, a Panda Samurai guild can perform a ritual that lasts for one minute, uniting them with their surroundings. After the ritual, the guild is so attuned to nature that they can employ it to arrest the movement of some creatures. Before the end of the encounter in which the ritual is performed, the guild can select an NPC or monster. The targeted creature cannot move for the next minute. If activated during combat, the target is halted for three rounds.

Plantperson Ninja can be a seedy bunch, always lurking in the undergrowth. Their natural camouflage serves them well in the jungles and wilds of Thunderrealm Island, where their guild halls are often located. This stealthy nature extends to more than just their physical behaviour, however: if you need to entrust a secret or loan to someone, the Plantperson Ninja are the ones most likely to honour that pledge.

Plantperson Ninja hail from the Twilight Grove, deep within the jungles of Amazoria, a land noted for its lumber, silks and towering constructions. There, the arts of stealth and misdirection are necessary skills for survival. Learning to survive the unforgiving jungles of Amazoria has prepared the Plantperson Ninja well for Thunderrealm Island, and they are perhaps the race best-suited for life here. That does not prohibit them from longing to return to their homelands, however, or from making alliances with other groups – as long as there is something in it for them.

Minor Racial Ability: Take Root

Plantperson Ninja can hold their ground like no other creatures on Thunderrealm Island. If a Plantperson Ninja is targeted by an attack that would force them to move, they can ignore this effect. However, the Plantperson Ninja must then sacrifice their ability to move on their next turn, as their roots retract.

Racial Guild Ability: Photosynthesis

Once during a game session, a Plantperson Ninja guild can gather in a circle and connect their root systems in a ritual that lasts one minute. Having done this, the guild selects one member who has not yet used their class ability (Scholar’s Insight, Rogue’s Feet, Healer’s Grace, Tank’s Resolve, Mage’s Armour, or Diplomat’s Chops). That member loses their one use of their ability, and all other members of the guild gain an extra use of theirs, which may be used before the encounter ends.

Plantperson Ninja

Robot Cleric

The Robot Clerics are the followers of Diode, the Great Machine God. They serve in all things they do, and are constantly trying to codify their worship. Highly advanced machines, the Robot Clerics may seem a little out of place, but they flourish through their hardiness and philosophy. Their opinion is that they are here because Diode willed it, and are happy to assist the other races in their quests for understanding.

Originally from the austere spires of Cogito City, the Robot Clerics are all that remains of an ancient civilisation. Lore tells the Robot Clerics that while they were once mere servants, they were given free will and agency by the divine Diode, whom they now worship. Cogito City is a bastion of advanced technology, and makes free and open trade with Makkina, home of the Cyberpunk Orks. They also create rare papers and inks, which are often used for recording philosophical treatises and religious rituals.

Minor Racial Ability: Discharge

Robot Clerics have learned that the energy that flows through them is also a catalyst for potion brewing. If a potions kit is available for use, a Robot Cleric can create a potion in five minutes rather than ten. A potions kit may only be used by one player character at a time.

Racial Guild Ability: Power Pack

Once during a game session, a Robot Cleric guild can gather in a circle and share their energies in a ritual to their deity, lasting for one minute. Having done this, the guild selects one of the following class abilities already represented within the guild: Scholar’s Insight, Rogue’s Feet, Healer’s Grace, Tank’s Resolve, Mage’s Armour, or Diplomat’s Chops. Each member of the guild gets a single use of this ability before the encounter ends.

The Vampire Pirates seek adventure and treasure... and the occasional bite to eat along the way. Often summarised as 'flamboyant scoundrels', the Vampire Pirates are an untrustworthy lot at first glance, but they do follow a piratical code, and they protect their own kind above all else. They adore the acquisition of wealth, but get in their good books, you'll probably get to keep some of your booty. Maybe.

Originally hailing from the stronghold of Skull Island, the Vampire Pirates are the scourge of the seas, assailing and looting merchant vessels that dare cross their path. The Vampire Pirate Queen, Bloodraven the Dire, rules Skull Island with an iron fist, successfully defending the throne against mutiny many times. The more legitimate Vampire Pirates often work in foreign ports, turning others only when needed. That their bloodsucking does not turn others on Thunderrealm Island is a little disconcerting.

Minor Racial Ability: Swig o' the Red

Vampire Pirates have a peculiar ability to heal themselves that emerges from their vampiric nature. A Vampire Pirate can heal themselves 1 HP by dealing 1 HP of damage to another member of their guild. Alternatively, they can deal themselves 1 HP of damage to heal another member of their guild by 1 HP.

Racial Guild Ability: Shiver Me Timbers

Once during a game session, a Vampire Pirate guild can strike fear into the hearts of enemies by conducting a piratical ritual that lasts for one minute. The guild selects one monster, or one PC that is not part of the guild, and announces the moment when the fear effect begins. If in combat, the target cannot move or take actions for three rounds. If not in combat, the target must answer three questions truthfully. Targets may remember that this effect was used on them in future.

Vampire Pirate

Victorian Werewolf

The Victorian Werewolves live for three things: the thrill of the hunt, the camaradeire of the pack, and looking elegant while drinking tea. Sadly, the latter is in short supply on Thunderrealm Island, so they've had to make do with the first two while their greenhouses get up and running. They are adept at sniffing out curios, and if you get adopted by a pack of Victorian Werewolves, you'll find no better family.

All Victorian Werewolves call Durham City home. Located on the Fleet River, and nestled in the Great Trinovan Plain, Durham is a smoky, industrial place. While not as technologically advanced as other cultures, the Victorian Werewolves make up for it with rich culture and fashion sense. Durham City's actors are the darlings of all society parties, and no personal library or archive anywhere on the globe is complete without a book of etchings or a novelette by one of Durham City's artists.

Minor Racial Ability: Unleash the Beast

Victorian Werewolves are adept at identifying locations on Thunderrealm Island by their distinct scents. If a Victorian Werewolf spends five minutes interacting with another player character, they can determine the last map location that character visited, and any inventory items they acquired while there.

Racial Guild Ability: Pack Instinct

Once during a game session, a Victorian Werewolf guild can gather together and give control to their animal instincts in a ritual lasting one minute. Each member of the guild immediately gains 1 Hit Point, which expires at the end of the encounter, and in the first round of their next combat quest, each member of the guild may double the number of paces they can normally move.