Six classes can be found on Thunderrealm Island, each with their own unique contribution to their guild.


Diplomats are trained in the art of identifying what others want to hear, and merging that with what they themselves would like to accomplish. Diplomats are usually trained as bureaucrats or ambassadors, although it's common for gifted thespians and performers to develop these skills as well. To a Diplomat, very little is beyond negotiation, and their persuasiveness and determination is usually admirable. However, a common flaw among Diplomats is an inability to let things go by without litigation: Diplomats may spend time arguing every point of a contract, including the colour of the paper.

Diplomats may specialise in influencing the natural inhabitants of Thunderrealm Island, or may develop skills for negotiating with members of other guilds. In combat, their words can be more painful than their actions.

Class Abilities

You gain Diplomat's Chops, and can select two of the four other Diplomat abilities.
Diplomat's Chops
Your training allows you to negotiate with the inhabitants of Thunderrealm Island. Once per encounter, you may use your ability to try and negotiate with an NPC. Some NPCs will give a Diplomat more information to help complete a quest. You may not attempt to use this ability on two encounters in a row.
"You seem like a reasonable person. Let's talk details..."

You know dangerously big words that, on each of your turns in combat, can deal 1 damage to the uneducated (anyone who isn’t you).
"Time to use my outdoor voice!"
Not Just Yet
If a quest has a limited number of attempts the guild can make, you may use this ability to increase this number by one. You may not use this ability on two encounters in a row.
"I just need a little more time!"
Subordinate Clause
When negotiating with a member of another guild, you may use this ability to learn a piece of knowledge or a Dark Secret from that guild. If negotiating with another Diplomat who also uses this ability, each guild shares knowledge, rather than the abilities cancelling each other out.
"Let's lay all the cards on the table, shall we?"
Ad Hominem
If you have this ability, you use your powers of rhetoric to craft a single Hit Point. You may give this Hit Point to yourself or another member of the guild to add to their total. Until the Hit Point is lost, you may not use this ability again. If the recipient loses the Hit Point, you may craft another on your next turn.
"Sign here."


Healers work to protect themselves and others from the threats that can be found in any wilderness, whether it be monsters or the environment. Many characters that become Healers on Thunderrealm Island have developed these skills in their professions outside the island, as doctors, masters of herbal remedies, or battlefield medics. For Healers, pride comes in saving others, and the amount of training needed to become a Healer means that their talents are always in demand. However, even though Thunderrealm Island revives the dead, a failure to rescue another can send some Healers into spirals of self-doubt.

Healers may concentrate their skills in developing rituals that cure injuries or make themselves invulnerable. Alternatively, they may focus on making themselves harder to take down. Healers often work in tandem with Scholars to identify useful new potions.

Class Abilities

You gain Healer's Touch and Healer's Grace, and can select one of the three other Healer abilities.
Healer's Touch
Once during an encounter, you may return a character to their maximum HP, even if they are on 0 HP. You must be within arm's reach of the character to use this ability. You may not use this ability for two encounters a row.
"Walk it off!"
Healer's Grace
On your turn in combat, you may heal yourself or another character within arm's reach by 1 HP. This does not work on characters who have 0 HP.
"Just a flesh wound!"

Medical Staff
You have a melee weapon that can deal 1 HP of damage during combat.
"I took the Hippocratic Guidlines."
The Art of Self-Care
Your experience as a Healer in high-stakes situations has given you the ability to react quickly to protect yourself. In combat, the first time you are hit by an attack that would reduce you to 0 HP, you can choose to drop to 1 HP instead. You can only use this ability once in an encounter.
"Not today!"
Radius of Protection
On your turn in combat, you may channel your energies into a powerful healing surge that heals all the members of your guild (including yourself) by 1 HP. Using this ability is tiring, and you cannot move or take actions on your following turn.
"Everybody gets one!"


Mages are practitioners of sorcery on Thunderrealm Island, although the sources they draw their energy from differ. Some Mages claim to use their own corporeal energies, while others draw power from their emotions or from the island itself. Scholarship has yet to determine whether these claims are all accurate. Many Mages learn these abilities as part of their profession, and character in this class may be soldiers or monks. Others may have acquired these skills for the purposes of showmanship. A Mage’s abilities are renowned for getting the job done quickly, but for this reason some Mages may be dismissive of more indirect methods of accomplishing goals.

Mages may focus their sorcery on one of a diverse range of applications, whether it be combat or exploration. Outside of combat, Mages often work closely with Scholars to create new rituals.

Class Abilities

You gain Mage's Armour, and can select two of the four other Mage abilities.
Mage's Armour
You call on your sorcery to protect yourself by creating a spectral armour. For the next three attacks that hit you, you reduce that damage by 1 HP. The armour lasts until you have been hit three times, or until the end of the encounter, whichever happens first. You may not use this ability for two encounters in a row.
"Can't touch this!"

Pointy Finger
You have a ranged sorcery attack that can deal 1 HP of damage against a target up to ten paces away.
"Magic Missile!"
Spectral Grasp
You have a melee spell attack. If you are within arm’s reach of up to two enemies, you may grasp them and inflict 1 HP of damage.
"Too close for comfort!"
Ritual Improvisation
Your experiences of ritual sorcery enable you to take shortcuts with rituals. Once per game, you may reduce the requirements of a ritual or potion by one ingredient. This reduction applies for the duration of the game, but only for that specific ingredient in that specific recipe.
"Those are just guidelines, really."
The island ‘speaks’ to your character, informing them of special sites nearby. At the start of a game you will be alerted to a ‘location of interest’ available only to those characters who have Geomancy. This location does not need to be added to a guild’s map. Your character may share this information with others if you wish to.
"Let's see what's over here..."


Rogues develop their skills in stealth and wilderness survival, often out of necessity. Many characters of this class live a solitary life, or one that requires them to travel into dangerous territory often. As such, a Rogue might be a spy for their nation, a thief on the streets, a shepherd in the distant mountains, or a hunter of potion ingredients. Some Rogues maintain this solitary nature even when they become part of a guild, while others tend an uneasy balance between their distrust of others and their desire to be part of a community. Either way, their abilities make them valuable on Thunderrealm Island.

Many Rogues have similar skills, but even here there is room for diversity. Rogues with an affinity for nature may be more adept in combat, while those who trade in stealth may be able to see to the heart of a complex puzzle.

Class Abilities

You gain Rogue's Feet and Steely Knives, and can select one of the three other Rogue abilities.
Rogue's Feet
You have carefully honed stealth abilities that make you nearly undetectable for a short period of time. By placing your hands on your head, you become invisible for thirty seconds. This effect ends if you attack someone. You may not use this ability for two encounters in a row.
"Now you see me..."
Steely Knives
You have a melee weapon that does 1 HP of damage. If you are invisible when you make an attack, that attack does 2 HP of damage.
"Stabby stab!"

Hunter's Insight
When in combat against a monster or animal, you can spend one turn examining the opponent. If you make a melee attack against the creature next turn, that attack deals 3 HP of damage.
"Yes, there's the spot."
Clear Sight
Your time spent in nature allows you to notice when something is unnatural in a scenario. If a quest or location of interest has a hidden message, you notice it instantly. This ability does not necessarily tell you how to locate or interpret the message, but it does alert you to content that may otherwise be missed.
"This place is trying to speak to us."
Empty Palm
Once during an encounter, when you are attacked, you can use this ability to ignore all the effects from that attack, as you nimbly dodge out of your opponent’s way.
"I'm not here right now."


Scholars on Thunderrealm Island are usually driven by a desire to understand what makes the island work in the way it does. Their experiences in their home nations have instilled in them a respect for research and exploration. Many Scholars previously worked in archives and libraries, but others come from more hands-on pursuits, having developed their skills in their free time while building or farming. Scholars tend to dedicate themselves to intellectual challenges on Thunderrealm Island, and while they are not always averse to combat, they may become frustrated when their studies are interrupted.

Scholars typically work with other classes to research and develop potions and rituals, but they have the capacity to become quite formidable in their own right, both in exploring the island and in communicating with others.

Class Abilities

You gain Scholar's Insight and can select two of the four other Scholar abilities.
Scholar's Insight
Your training has enabled you to see hidden meanings and secret lore behind certain quests. During some encounters, you may use this ability to ask the Questgiver NPC for a hint or assistance with the quest. If successful, you will receive one piece of guidance. Not all NPCs will give assistance. You may not attempt to use this ability on two encounters in a row.
"Wait, I think I've heard about this!"

Throw the Book at 'em
You have a large tome or similar object that can be used as a melee weapon. It does 1 HP of damage to an opponent.
"Time to hit the books!"
Brain Trust
You are good at gaining information from others. If you spend five minutes in conversation with another player character, you can ask them for a truthful answer to a single question about their (or their guild’s) activities on Thunderrealm Island. If they do not know the answer, you may instead know the contents of that character’s inventory.
“Answer this, if you can.”
Quest and Answer
You have nuanced perception for what Thunderrealm Island holds. Once per encounter, you may use this ability to determine what type of quest can be found at a single location of your choice on the map.
“I’ve seen this before…”
Arcane Lore
You have approximate knowledge of many rituals and potions. If your guild uncovers ritual instructions or a potion recipe and do not know its effects, you may study the material for five minutes and will then know its purpose. This ability determines the intended effect, which may rely on certain circumstances being met.
“Just reading between the lines.”


Tanks are the primary damage-dealers in any guild, and dedicate themselves to improving their physical prowess. Before arriving on Thunderrealm Island, Tanks were usually involved in physical careers, as soldiers, farmers, or miners. However, not all Tanks are tall and imposing, and it is possible for a devoted person to work with a weapon until it outstrips their natural abilities. Due to the demanding nature of their role, Tanks don’t often have time for nuance or consideration: they have spent years becoming a hammer, and so everything else begins to look like a nail. When the monsters rise, though, a Tank is invaluable.

The majority of the abilities a Tank possesses are designed for combat, but this single-mindedness may allow a Tank to have a rich (if simple) inner life. Tanks may be adept at crafting and repairing items as well as wielding them.

Class Abilities

You gain Tank’s Resolve and Mighty Haft, and can select one of the three other Tank abilities.
Tank's Resolve
Once during an encounter, if you are standing within arm’s reach of another player character and they would take damage, you can elect to take the damage instead. You may not use this ability on two encounters in a row.
"I'll take that!"
Mighty Haft
You have a melee weapon that deals 2 HP of damage in combat.
"Feel my wrath!"

Centre of Gravity
You are an imposing force. On your turn, when attacking with Mighty Haft, you can elect to use this ability. When you do, the opponent you just attacked must use their next turn’s movement and action to attempt to attack you. You may not use this ability for two actions in a row.
"Come and get me!"
Savage Blow
When you attack an opponent with Mighty Haft, you can elect to knock them five paces directly away from you. You may not use this ability for two actions in a row.
"Enjoy your journey!"
Single Shot
You have a ranged weapon, such as a pistol, that deals 3 HP of damage from a range of up to ten paces. This ability may only be used once in an encounter.
"Quick on the draw!"