The April 25th patch includes some balance fixes to abilities, and some long-requested UI changes.

UI Improvements and Fixes

  • The old-style action wheel is back, by popular demand.
  • Button shading has been improved to make them stand out more from the backgrounds.
  • Fixed an issue where running multiple instances of Thunderrealm Island set mouse and keyboard commands to both instances, instead of the currently active instance.

Ability Fixes

  • Ad Hominem now creates a single hit-point, and cannot be used again until this hit-point has been expended. This fixes an issue where a Diplomat could provide more effective healing than a skilled Healer.
  • Subordinate Clause now functions differently in negotiations with other guilds. Previously, if both guilds had Diplomats and used this ability, the abilities would cancel each other out and no additional information would be gained by either side. This was not intended behaviour. Now, both guilds will gain a Hidden Knowledge or Dark Secret from the other.
  • Filibluster was not correctly identifying Zombies as the “uneducated”, rendering them immune to this ability. This has been fixed.
  • Healer’s Grace now correctly identifies the user as “being within arm’s reach” of themselves.
  • Healer’s Touch no longer incorrectly identifies the user as “another creature”.
  • The Art of Self-Care no longer triggers during social encounters if someone gives you a sick burn.
  • Ritual Improvisation now lasts until the end of a game session, instead of an encounter.

Location Fixes

  • Silverglow Shoals. The Moleworm’s respawn timer has been decreased from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.


  • Fixed a bizarre interaction with the Caps Lock key that was causing issues when loading new areas.