Thunderrealm Island is an outdoor game in which guilds race to complete quests and unlock the secrets of the island. All characters have been shipwrecked on the island and are attempting to thrive in this new environment until they can return to their home nations.

Game sessions are likely to be between four and six hours, and may be held at a variety of venues within Wellington’s central suburbs. It is important to note that games may be held in public parks and similar locations, which may involve playing near members of the public. If you have concerns about this, you are welcome to discuss with us whether this game is right for you.

Completing Quests

Within a game session (referred to in other rules text as the ‘game’), there will be half-hour sections referred to as ‘encounters’. Within an encounter, guilds do three things:

  1. Add a quest location to their map (indicated by a blue or yellow star),
  2. Attempt to complete the quest at that location and, if successful,
  3. Return to the map, add a ‘location of interest’ (indicated by a red star), and explore Thunderrealm Island.

If the half-hour runs out before a guild completes their quest, they return to the game’s central hub without receiving a reward. A guild can abandon a quest at any time within the encounter, return to the map, and select a different quest location, but the timer does not reset to thirty minutes - the guild only has the remaining time to complete their new quest.

Some quests may be attempted multiple times (for instance, if the guild submits an incorrect answer to a puzzle or succumbs during combat). If this is the case, it will be made clear at the time.

A guild may only complete one quest during an encounter, and can only visit quest locations they have added to their maps. If a guild travels to a quest location not on their map, the quest will not trigger.


Thunderrealm Island uses an abstracted, turn-based combat system. While players are encouraged to bring LARP-safe weapons that suit their character, these won’t be used during combat quests.

All monsters and some NPCs can be fought in combat, and any player character can initiate combat. The person who initiates combat goes first, the monster or NPC goes second, and the rest of the guild are counted off clockwise.

On your turn in combat, your character can take one action from their list of abilities (such as attacking or healing), and can move up to five paces. This movement can be done before or after your action, or can be split on either side of the action (for example, moving two paces, attacking, and then moving three). If a character is reduced to 0 HP, they cannot move or take actions until they are healed. If all members of a guild are reduced to 0 HP during a combat quest, the quest immediately ends and all characters are returned to their full HP.

If a guild attacks another guild outside of a quest, the person who initiates combat goes first, and the leader of the targeted guild goes second. The other members of the guild are counted off clockwise as usual. If all the members of a guild are reduced to 0 HP, the combat ends and all members of the defeated guild are transported back to the game’s central hub.


If you speak to another person in game, it is assumed that this is done in public chat and is visible to all Thunderrealm Island players. If you wish to speak privately to a guild or individual player, this can be done by placing a closed fist to your forehead while speaking.