Guilds are the groupings of characters that work together on Thunderrealm Island to share information and resources. While different guilds may work together at times, your guild is the group of characters you undertake quests with throughout the gameplay. Your guild can consist of up to six active player characters. We recommend having at least four guild members to give you access to racial guild abilities, detailed on the races page. When forming a guild, you might like to discuss which class each member will play while questing.

When a guild is not questing, they can spend time crafting items and collecting resources to improve their effectiveness, or to make their guild hall a spectacular site. Doing so requires many resources, and a dedicated guild may work together to collect these items more quickly. You can also spend time on the Thunderrealm Island forums to help tell your character’s story, connecting with other players across the world and forging links between your characters.

Registered Guilds

No guilds are currently recruiting