A Thunderrealm Island avatar always has a Dark Secret, which a player writes when creating the avatar. A Dark Secret thus becomes part of the game code, accessible if someone else uses an ability to reveal it (such as the Diplomat’s Subordinate Clause ability). Because Dark Secrets may be shared, we recommend that you restrict your Dark Secret to information about your avatar rather than yourself (to avoid a repeat of the Credit Card Scandal during beta).

A Dark Secret should be something that might change or complicate how your avatar is seen by others during gameplay. It may be about your avatar’s life before they arrived on Thunderrealm Island (‘I was secretly selling Makkina liquor to the nation of Kumado’), or about the circumstances of their arrival on the island (‘I was sent from Mount Ahiwera because I was having an affair with the Flame Queen’s consort, and custom has it that when discovered I must bring the Queen a gift she has never seen’). A Dark Secret might equally be about your actions since arriving on the island (‘That time when I said I lost the guild’s treasure chest in a volcano, I really gifted it to another guild’ or ‘I am working to undermine our guild’s leader’). It is at a player’s discretion how they wish to respond to a revealed Dark Secret, but it is important to keep it within Thunderrealm Island, and not let it bleed into real-world interactions. After all, all avatars and Dark Secrets are fictional.

Due to the tone of Thunderrealm Island, and keeping in mind that a Dark Secret may be learned by any player, we request that players avoid two things. The first is a Dark Secret that dictates what another avatar has actively done (such as ‘Paulus once robbed me and I have not told anyone about this yet’ – that would be a good Dark Secret for Paulus, but not you). The second is any Dark Secret that features an issue likely to upset other players: non-consensual sex, slavery, and extreme depictions of mental illness are to be kept off the table, without exception. We will work with players if we feel their Dark Secret is inappropriate for the game’s tone or the comfort of our players.

If a character’s Dark Secret is revealed during the game to such an extent that it no longer counts as a secret, you start the next game session with a new one.