To begin, select a race for your character. The races page will let you know which minor racial ability your character receives. If your guild has four or more characters of a race, the guild members also receive access to that race’s racial guild ability.

Secondly, select a class for your character. A diversity of classes within a guild is recommended, as some quests within the game are suited towards particular classes. The classes page will let you know which abilities your character automatically receives, and which abilities you can select from.

Thirdly, join a guild. You may be registering with a group of other players; we recommend that you discuss your guild’s makeup with the other players to ensure that the guild is suitably balanced. The people in your guild will be the ones you interact with most, so make sure you communicate well with them!

Your Character’s Look

Even within a race, there is room for diversity in appearance. The races page shows an archetypical member of a race, but as long as your look reflects the two main aspects of the race, you’ll be more than fine.

Some classes have weapons. Even if the name of a class ability implies a particular type of weapon (such as Medical Staff, the healer’s ability), you may choose any weapon. In other words, Medical Staff works just fine with a longsword.

Playing Your Characters

Thunderrealm Island is about more than just your character, it’s about you. When you log in to the Thunderrealm Island servers, you can communicate with others either by speaking through your character, or by directly messaging the other players.

Remember that there are some quests where your character’s abilities might not be very useful. In those instances, try to support the other players in your guild, and keep an eye out for aspects of an encounter that others may have missed.

Between quests, your characters will have the ability to communicate with the members of other guilds. Thunderrealm Island is a game that is open to any player over the age of 16, but please try to keep the chat civil.

For more technical information on how the game works, you can consult our Mechanics page.

Character Submission

Once you’ve selected your race, class and guild, you’re ready to submit a character. You can do so by filling out the following forms (as applicable–only one guild registration per guild!)

When devising your character, you should make sure to think about the following information:

Your Player

As well as playing your Thunderrealm Island avatar, you also get to construct the person that is behind the keyboard. They may be similar to who you are in the real world, or they may be completely fictitious.

  • The name and occupation of your Thunderrealm Island player
  • The city they are located in, and
  • Whether they have any close connections to other players or their characters that you would like to focus on in your gameplay.

[ED: Having two characters, one of which is ‘the player’ might get a little confusing. We hope that the distinction between ‘player’ (the character) and ‘player’ (the human person playing the LARP) are clear from context, but don’t be afraid to request clarification]

Your Character

Now comes the stuff you will be referring to most often.

  • Your character’s name, race and class,
  • The racial, class and guild abilities your character has,
  • The guild they belong to, and
  • Their backstory and Dark Secret.

Your backstory should be reasonably concise, but useful information might include: where your character is from, what they do, where they were shipwrecked (and with who), and what they think of the other members of their guild. Information from before their shipwreck is likely to be less important to the game experience, but if you feel it informs your character’s personality, then feel free to include it.

All characters have what is referred to as a Dark Secret. This is a piece of information about themselves, their feelings or their motives that they guard jealously. A character’s Dark Secret is unlikely to even be shared with all members of a guild - especially if it would be a threat to them. There are abilities that reveal Dark Secrets, but they largely exist as hooks for your roleplaying. For the purposes of good storytelling, we suggest that you keep your Dark Secret a secret outside the game as much as possible, too.

The only other statistic you need to know is the number of Hit Points your character has. At the beginning of the game, all characters have 3 HP, except for Tanks, who start with 4 HP. All characters have an inventory, but this inventory is empty at the start of the game - weapons and other similar items aren’t counted within your inventory.